Release 0.8.1

Digdag is now open-source under Apache License!

General changes

  • Added fail>: MESSAGE operator.

  • Added if>: BOOLEAN operator.

  • Added notification mechanism. Setting notification.type configuration enables notification. Notification is triggered using new notify>: MESSAGE operator.

  • sla: parameter supports duration: HH:MM:SS syntax in addition to time: HH:MM:SS syntax.

  • sla: parameter supports fail: BOOLEAN and alert: BOOLEAN options. Setting fail: true makes the workflow failed. Setting alert: true sends an notification using above notification mechanism.

  • Fixed an undeterministic error around H2 database that causes “Table not found” exception when a workflow is running for long time.

  • Added td_for_each>: operator.

Client mode changes

  • Added sessions and session commands to show information of sessions. A session is an entity that has one or more attempts.

  • -r, --revision option of push command is now optional. It generates a random UUID if it’s not set.

  • retry command now supports --resume and --resume-from options.

  • --name option of retry command is now optional. It generates a random UUID if it’s not set.

Local mode changes

  • Added --max-task-threads N option to run, server, and scheduler commands. This option limits number of maximum running tasks.

Server mode changes

  • Added --disable-local-agent option.

  • Added --disable-executor-loop option.

  • Added session REST API set that is used by the web UI.

Plugin API changes

  • Added Plugin API that includes io.digdag.util.BaseOperator, io.digdag.util.RetryControl, and io.digdag.util.Workspace classes.

Release Date



  • Daniel Norberg

  • Lewuathe

  • Sadayuki Furuhashi