Release 0.3.0

Command-line Changes

  • IMPORTANT: arguments of run command changed:

    • Run command stores session state files at digadg.status directory by default.

    • Run command uses today’s 00:00:00 as the default session_time by default. With this, run command almost always utilize session state files. More likely tasks will be skipped.

    • Run command supports --hour option in addition to -t, session_time option for ease of config.

    • Run command supports -a, --all, -s, --start, -S, -start-stop, -e, --end to control session states.

    • -e, --show-params is renamed to -E, --show-params.

    • -s, --status is renamed to -o, --save.

  • IMPORTANT: store and export are merged instead of replacing. For example, in following case:

        port: 587
        from: [email protected]
          from: [email protected]
        sh>: echo ${mail.port}

    Output of +step1 was null because the entire strcture of mail was replaced. From this version, output will be “587” because parameters are merged.

  • td, td_load and td_table_export operators store td.last_job_id parameter.

Release Date



  • Sadayuki Furuhashi