Release 0.8.19

Server Changes

  • Added an isAdmin flag to the Authenticator.Result interface that can be used to grant users administrator rights.

  • Added an administration API with an endpoint that can be used by administrators to get userinfo metadata for a session attempt.

UI Changes

  • Added a button for retrying failed attempts.

  • Added a button for pausing scheduled workflow execution.

Workflow Changes

  • The gcs_wait> operator now allows gs:// URI’s on the operator command line.

  • Added an http> operator that can be used to make HTTP requests.

  • The for_each operator now generates subtasks with shorter names.

  • Fixed an issue where the td_table_export> operator was not able to use aws.s3.* secrets.

  • The s3_wait> operator will now not retry 4xx` HTTP errors except for ``429 Too Many Requests and 408 Request Timeout.

  • Fixed an issue where the td> operator download_file option would sometimes download a corrupt file.

Release Date



  • Daniel Norberg

  • Daniele Zannotti

  • Tony Wei