Release 0.9.17

Operator Changes

  • Support json table schema (schema: option) for bq_load> operator. See operator documents for details.

General Changes

  • Fixed task execution failure in server-mode when project archive contains a symlink. Now server skips setting UNIX permission if extracted file is a symlink.

  • Fixed priority order of stored parameters in server-mode. See #653 for details.

  • Removed false “_background (_after) is not used” warning message.

  • Fixed warning message syntax for setting _background to parallel grouping tasks and setting _after option to non-parallel grouping tasks.

Release Date



  • Hiroyuki Sato

  • Keisuke Noda

  • Mitsunori Komatsu

  • Ryo Okubo

  • Sadayuki Furuhashi

  • syucream