Release 0.9.4

CLI Changes

  • Added local secrets. New digdag secret --local command lets you to set secrets for local mode.

  • Version checking become less restricted. CLI checks there is a recommended upgrade or not using Digdag server’s REST API and upgrades only if one exists. If CLI is executed as a batch command (STDOUT is not TTY), force upgrade won’t be required.

Operator Changes

  • td_run operator accepts ID of a bulk loading in addition to name.

UI Changes

  • Web UI has a new interface that creates a new project or edits workflow definitions.

General Changes

  • S3 storage extension is now bundled with the released package. Digdag server uses S3 as the project archive storage if archive.type = s3 and archive.s3.bucket options are set, and uses S3 as the log file storage if log-server.type = s3 and log-server.s3.bucket options are set.

Release Date



  • Daniel Norberg

  • Daniele Zannotti

  • Kazuki Ohta

  • Mitsunori Komatsu

  • Sadayuki Furuhashi