Release 0.4.0

Local-line changes

  • IMPORTANT: run command uses session_time of the last execution as the default session_time (previous default value was today’s 00:00:00).

  • Added new --session argument. This accepts daily, hourly, schedule, or timestamp in yyyy-MM-dd[ HH:mm:ss] format.

  • -t and --session-time arguments are deprecated.

Server-mode changes

  • Added support for PostgreSQL database backend. Tested with PostgreSQL >= 9.4. PostgreSQL >= 9.5 is preferred (because SELECT … FOR UPDATE SKIP RECORD statement is available).

  • Database parameters such as maximumPoolSize, loginTimeout, socketTimeout are now configurable.

General Changes

  • Added validation to task names. Now task name can’t include some symbols. Allowed characters are [a-zA-Z_0-9] and - = [ ] { } @ , ..

  • Added validation to repository name, revision name, and retry attempt name are strictly validated.

  • Adding workflows to existent revision is now prohibited (server mode only).

Release Date



  • Sadayuki Furuhashi