Release 0.9.14

Operator Changes

  • Docker command executor (docker: {image: name}) supports always_pull: true option (@alu++).

  • emr> operator supports region options and secrets. See documents for details. (@saulius++)

General Changes

  • Digdag validates _error task before workflow starts (with local mode) or when a workflow is uploaded (with server mode). It was validated only when _error task actually ran but now it’s easier for us to notice broken workflows.

  • Fixed uncaught exception in workflow executor loop when _error tasks had a problem. This is only for being more defensive because broken _error tasks shouldn’t exist thanks to above another fix.

Release Date



  • Mitsuhiro Koga

  • Mitsunori Komatsu

  • Sadayuki Furuhashi

  • Saulius Grigaliunas

  • Takehiro Shiozaki

  • Toru Takahashi

  • alu

  • parroty