Release 0.9.13

CLI changes

  • Added --max-task-threads to the run subcommand. When this option is set, local-mode execution limits number of max running tasks as like digdag server --max-task-threads option. (@gfx++)

  • Fixed wrong time formatting when the time is past. (@akirakw++)

Operator Changes

  • http> operator supports timeout: SECONDS option. (@duck8823++)

General Changes

  • Let operator plugins inject CommandLogger instance. This is useful to copy log messages displayed by a subprocess to task logs. (@akirakw++)

  • Added system configuration which sets the default td.endpoint parameter for Treasure Data operators.

UI Changes

  • Improved next-run time format to include a duration until the time (@szyn++)

  • Added success/warning/error messages when editing a workflow definition (@szyn++)

Release Date




  • Akira Koyasu

  • FUJI Goro (gfx)

  • Hiroyuki Sato

  • KAWACHI Takashi

  • Mitsunori Komatsu

  • Sadayuki Furuhashi

  • Shota Suzuki

  • Shunsuke Maeda

  • Takehiro Shiozaki

  • Toru Takahashi

  • Yoichi Nakayama

  • shio-phys

  • shunsuke maeda

  • uu59