Release 0.9.20

Server Changes

  • IMPORTANT Added log-server.s3.direct_download option. This option control whether digdag servers generate temporary pre-signed download URLs for clients to fetch log files directly from S3. Default is false, where clients fetch log files through digdag server. To keep the previous behavior, you need to set it to true.

  • Added cancelRequested flag field to the REST API resource of tasks. This is helpful to visualize state of tasks more precisely.

UI Changes

  • Fixed a regression existing in v0.9.18 and v0.9.19 where UI includes cookie in the requests of temporary pre-signed download URLs of log files and project archives. Now it doesn’t include cookie. This fixes a problem where wildcard CORS header (Access-Control-Allow-Origin: '*') doesn’t work.

  • UI visualizes blocked tasks of a canceled attempt as CANCELED state.

  • UI visualizes progressing tasks excluding running tasks of a canceled attempt as CANCELING state.

Operator Changes

  • embulk> operator puts both STDERR and STDOUT messages out to task logs in streaming manner.

Release Date



  • Sadayuki Furuhashi

  • hiroyukim