Release 0.9.0

Client mode changes

  • Added a download command that can be used to download projects from the server.

  • Commands automatically retry HTTP GET requests when one fails with server-side errors.

Server mode changes

  • The UI is now integrated to the server. Opening the server’s HTTP endpoint with a browser shows the UI.

  • The UI now visualizes the workflow task execution timeline.

Workflow changes

  • Added an emr> operator that can be used to run Amazon EMR jobs.

  • Added a rename_tables option to the td_ddl> operator that can be used to rename TD tables.

  • Added a skip_on_overtime: true | false schedule option that can be used to control whether scheduled session execution should be skipped if another session is already running.

  • Scheduled workflow sessions now have a last_executed_session_time variable which contains the previously executed session time. It is usually same with last_session_time but has different value when skip_on_overtime: true is set or the session is the first execution.

General changes

  • IMPORTANT: Secrets now use _ (underscore) in names instead of - (dash). Following secret names are changed:

    • aws.access_key_id, aws.s3.access_key_id

    • aws.secret_access_key, aws.s3.secret_access_key

    • aws.s3.sse_c_key, aws.s3.sse_c_key_algorithm, aws.s3.sse_c_key_md5

  • IMPORTANT: REST API includes backward incompatible changes.

    • The REST API now wraps collections in JSON objects. This is intended for future improvements to add additional fields without breaking clients again.

    • Type of ID fields are changed from integer to string. This is intended for future improvements to update the encoding of ID fields without breaking clients again.

  • IMPORTANT: An undocumented functionality in sh>, py>, and rb> operators includes backward incompatible changes.

    • It affects only if workflow definition includes _env directive.

Plugin API changes

  • Operator interface is updated.

Release Date



  • Daniel Norberg

  • Daniele Zannotti

  • Sadayuki Furuhashi