Release 0.8.2

General changes

  • Added td_wait>: query.sql and td_wait_table>: TABLE operators.

  • Made it possible to implement custom notification types.

  • Fixed sample workflow generated by new command to be compatible with Python 3 (@toru-takahashi++).

  • selfupdate command doesn’t require password any more.

Client mode changes

  • Added delete command that can be used to delete a project from the server.

  • backfill command takes project name and workflow name instead of schedule id.

  • backfill command supports --count argument to limit number of ssessions to backfill from a given time.

  • backfill command generates a random UUID automatically if --name argument is not set.

Local mode changes

  • Fixed slient crash of scheduler command (@hiroyuki-sato++)

Release Date



  • Daniel Norberg

  • Hiroyuki Sato

  • Kimura Takaumi

  • Sadayuki Furuhashi

  • Takeshi HASEGAWA

  • Toru Takahashi