Release 0.9.6

General Changes

  • require> operator is fixed so that it fails when dependent workflow fails.

  • Added ignore_failure: BOOLEAN option to require> operator. If it is set to true, require> operator ignores failure of dependent workflow.

  • Added result_connection: NAME and result_settings: {...} options to td> operator.

  • Fixed unexpected duplicated (retried) execution of tasks when --max-task-threads is set and _parallel: is used. See issue #487 for the detailed condition to reproduce.

Server Changes

  • Added userInfo field to /api/projects/{id}/revisions.

  • Added index field to /api/sessions/{id}/attempts. Index of an attempt is a sequence number (1, 2, 3, …) in a session. Intention of this change is to obsolete attempt id to avoid confusion from session id.

  • Starting server on admin port is now optional. --admin-port argument is required to enable admin API.

  • Fixed hard timeout of long-running tasks (1 day). It was killing an attempt if the attempt is running longer than 1 day. Now it kills if a single task is running longer than 1 day. Attempt is killed if it is running longer than 7 days (executor.attempt_ttl and executor.task_ttl are the configuration parameters of the durations).

Release Date



  • Sadayuki Furuhashi

  • Toru Takahashi

  • szyn