Community Contributions

External resources and contributions. If you want to add or update the information, submit PR or issues.


project name description
digdag-slack Send messages to slack
retz-digdag-plugin Manage Retz ( a job queuing and execution service for Apache Mesos ) jobs
digdag-plugin-ssh Execute a remote command via ssh
digdag-hangouts-chat Send messages to Hangouts Chat
digdag-plugin-mysql Execute a query on MySQL server
digdag-plugin-dfs_wait Wait for files on DFS
k8s_job Kubernetes Job operator
digdag-operator-emr_fleet Operate a cluster with instance fleets on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce
digdag-operator-athena Operate a query on athena
digdag-plugin-shresult Store output of shell to digdag store
digdag-operator-cost_explorer AWS Cost Explorer
digdag-operator-param Operate params
digdag-operator-ecs_task AWS ECS Task
digdag-plugin-azure Microsoft Azure
digdag-plugin-mssql Execute a query on Microsoft SQL server
digdag-operator-livy Operate a job by Livy REST API
digdag-plugin-sshresult Execute a remote command via ssh and store output of shell to Digdag store
digdag-plugin-datadog Operators of Datadog
digdag-plugin-glue Plugin for AWS Glue
digdag-operator-pg_lock Run Digdag tasks with locks by PostgreSQL
digdag-plugin-myjdbc Execute a query via JDBC
digdag-operator-bq-wait Wait for a table or a partition in Google BigQuery
digdag-operator-appconfig Store parameter from AWS AppConfig
digdag-wait-op Simply wait specified duration


project name description
digdag-basic-auth-mt Multi tenant basic authentication plugin

Clients / Tools

project name description
mog A CLI Tool for Digdag
digdag_client Ruby client library
tdworkflow Python client library
digdag-worker-crd A horizontal pod autoscaler for Digdag worker
digdag-client-scala A Scala client library and an interactive shell 'digdag-shell'