Release 0.6.1

CLI changes

  • All commands support -c, --config PATH argument. Default is ~/.digdag/config.
  • Client-mode commands (start, push, etc.) no longer read ~/.digdag/ file.
  • run, push, and check commands use params.KEY = VALUE parameters written in ~/.digdag/config file. This is useful to set default parameters such as hostname, username, and password of a remote service.
  • run command stores status files in .digdag/status instead of digdag.status.
  • Command exited with a error no longer shows stacktrace.
  • header.KEY = VALUE parameters are changed to client.http.headers.KEY = VALUE.
  • endpoint = HOST:PORT parameter is changed to client.http.endpoint = http[s]://HOST:PORT.
  • Client-mode commands support SSL (https).
  • Parameters on task groups are validated. If a task group includes an unknown key (such as parallel), digdag shows a suggestion (such as did mean [_parallel]?) and exits.
  • JVM version check runs only with run, scheduler and server commands. Other commands such as push and workflows can use older version of JDK 8.
  • _retry: N option on a task group works.
  • digdag without command name no longer runs run command implicitly.
  • Built-in authentication mechanism is removed. genapikey command is removed. -a, --apikey option is removed.

Server mode changes

  • Added access logging. Disabled by default. -A, --access-log DIR parameter enables it.

Release Date



  • Daniel Norberg
  • Sadayuki Furuhashi