loop>: Repeat tasks

loop> operator runs subtasks multiple times.

This operator exports ${i} variable for the subtasks. Its value begins from 0. For example, if count is 3, a task runs with i=0, i=1, and i=2.

  loop>: 7
      echo>: ${moment(session_time).add(i, 'days')} is ${i} days later than ${session_date}
      echo>: ${moment(session_time).add(i, 'hours')} is ${i} hours later than ${session_local_time}.


  • loop>: COUNT Number of times to run the tasks.


    loop>: 7
  • _parallel: BOOLEAN | OBJECT

    Runs the repeating tasks in parallel. If _parallel: {limit: N} (N is an integer: 1, 2, 3, …) parameter is set, the number of tasks running in parallel is limited to N. Note that the tasks in the loop will be running in serial.


    _parallel: true


      limit: 2
  • _do: TASKS

    Tasks to run.