http_call>: Call workflow fetched by HTTP

http_call> operator makes a HTTP request, parse response body as workflow, and embeds it as a subtask. The operator is similar to call> operator. The difference is that another workflow is fetched from HTTP.

This operator parses response body based on returned Content-Type header. Content-Type must be set and following values are supported:

  • application/json: Parse the response as JSON.

  • application/x-yaml: Use the returned body as-is.

If appropriate Content-Type header is not returned, use content_type_override option.


  • http_call>: URI

    The URI of the HTTP request.


  • content_type_override: application/x-yaml or application/json

    Overrides Content-Type response header returned from the server. This option is useful when the server doesn’t return an appropriate Content-Type but returns a generic value such as text/plain or application/octet-stream.


    content_type_override: application/x-yaml

Other options

Same parameters with http> operator are also supported except the parameters listed below. The name of the operator is similar to http> operator. But the role is different. See also http> operator document.

  • store_content